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Paracosma at Oculus Connect 5 Conference

Introducing Facebook Oculus Quest – Fifth Oculus Connect Conference | Paracosma

The Facebook Oculus Connect 5 conference was recently held in San Jose, California, revealing their future plans for Oculus VR. Paracosma team attended the conference with developers from across the globe.

The Oculus Connect conference gives developers opportunity to gather latest information on the future of Oculus' VR business and hear Facebook's latest technology and platform announcements.

Paracosma at Oculus Connect 5 Conference  

Facebook's 3 biggest announcements from Oculus Connect 5 conference:

  • Oculus Quest standalone VR will be launched on coming spring 2019. The standalone Quest is completely wireless and offers a full-featured VR experience without a PC for $ 399.Oculus Quest announcement | Paracosma
  • Sean Liu, Oculus Product Manager, announced Oculus Go updates to make content look better and the launch of YouTube VR support. The planned update allows mirroring of the user's VR view to mobile devices and TVs.
  • With several Oculus platform announcements, Mark Zuckerberg restated his long-term goal of getting a billion users onto VR devices.

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