Paracosma Recognized as One of the World’s 5 Best AR/VR Solution Providers

Paracosma Recognized as One of the World’s 5 Best AR/VR Solution Providers

SAN FRANCISCO January 28, 2022 – Paracosma Inc has been selected as one of the “World’s 5 Best AR/VR Solution Providers, 2022” by Prime Insights Magazine. The Magazine’s Feburary cover story, ‘Paracosma: Conquering the Contemporary Technological Landscape With Next-Gen AR/VR Solutions’, features an interview with Ken Ehrhart, Paracosma’s Founder and CEO.

Paracosma Recognized as One of the World’s 5 Best AR/VR Solution Providers

“It is a true honor for Paracosma to be recognized as one of the World’s 5 Best AR/VR Solution Providers’” says Mr. Ehrhart. “It is a great testament to the hard work of our teams and the capability of our skilled engineers and talented artists.”

 In the interview, Mr. Ehrhart relates how Paracosma built its expert team of over one hundred employees, and also highlights how Paracosma continues to improve quality to ensure successful outcomes for its clients.  

Mr. Ehrhart shares insights about the history and the current state of both Paracosma and the AR/VR industry. He also discusses innovation, R&D, the future AR/VR landscape, and how AR/VR enhances Design, Production and Training.

Beyond the benefits that AR/VR bring to remote collaboration during the Pandemic, Mr. Ehrhart explains that a byproduct of the embrace of remote workforces is that “now there is little distinction between clients’ direct employees and our remote developers.  It is easier than ever for companies to expand their teams using our remote experts.  As a result, rather than intermittently outsourcing projects to us, our clients are now insourcing our skilled teams on a long-term basis.” This transformation means that Paracosma can seamlessly fill the expanding need that companies have for experienced AR/VR developers and artists at a time when they are in great demand and short supply.  


About Paracosma

Paracosma is an Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions Provider.  With over one hundred employees in the US, Japan and Nepal, Paracosma is able to provide its clients with a one-stop-shop for all things 3D.  Paracosma offers custom AR and VR application development, as well as providing complete development teams to clients on a long-term basis.  Paracosma creates entire virtual worlds and produces live virtual events. Paracosma offers 3D model creation, including high-volume production of photo-realistic models.  Paracosma also creates synthetic images generated from simulated 3D environments to train deep-learning AI systems.  Paracosma has a 360-degree video production team and 360 video distribution platform that is offered as a white-label service.  


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