360 image of F8 Facebook Developers’ Conference

Key developments at F8, Facebook’s 2018 Developers’ Conference | Paracosma

The Paracosma team attended the annual F8 Facebook Developers Conference on 1-2 May, 2018 in San Jose.  The annual F8 conference is by invitation only to developers from across the globe, giving them opportunities to share their recent works and hear Facebook’s latest technology and platform announcements.

Some of the key AR and VR developments at the F8:

  • Facebook is integrating its AR Studio Camera Effects into Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Lite.
  • Facebook has added the ability to use photos are artwork as triggers for its AR and Camera Effects, expanding functionality from its prior use of QR code triggers.
  • Facebook is dramatically expanding its point tracking on facial recognition to improve eye, mouth and other feature recognition to improve makeup and face mask effects.
  • Facebook is adding full body tracking and full hand tracking capability for AR effects.
  • Launched its new standalone VR headset Oculus Go which was previously introduced at Oculus connect, by giving the headsets to all developers present.
  • Alongside Oculus Go, Facebook launched Facebook Rooms and Facebook Venues, to enable multi-user, social VR experiences.
  • The Go will also have access to over 1,000 apps and experiences from launch, including all Gear VR apps.
  • Facebook AI-based launched image recognition technology that allows the recognition, classification and identification of almost any image, based on its analysis and training with 3.5 billion tagged photos.


360 image of F8 Facebook Developers’ Conference
360 image of F8 Facebook Developers’ Conference
Paracosma team at F8 Facebook Developers’ Conference
Paracosma team at F8 Facebook Developers’ Conference
Facebook introducing new headset "Oculus Go" at F8 Conference
Facebook announcing the launch of the new headset “Oculus Go” at F8 Conference

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