The Use of 360-Degree Video for Business

The Use of 360-Degree Video for Business

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the 360-degree video? A large group of people will tie 360 videos with travel videos. The truth is, as technology progresses, the 360 media landscape is gradually evolving with more applications and software surfacing every day. The new evolving technology of 360 media […]

UnnamedVR Open Sandbox Game - Coming Soon!

UnnamedVR Open Sandbox Game – Coming Soon!

Launching November 21, 2019, Unnamed VR is an open-ended sandbox game in which the only goal is to explore and have fun in virtual reality. The immersive first-person VR game takes players inside a large realistic mansion where they can explore rooms and enjoy mini-games filled with adventure and fun.   Inside Unnamed VR’s “regular rooms” most […]

Paracosma at Tokyo Game Conferences 2019 - 2

Paracosma at Tokyo Game Conferences 2019

September was a great month for Game Developers and Gamers in Tokyo, with Paracosma Inc attending both the leading Game Developers Conference and the massive Tokyo Game Show. The leading Japanese game developers conference, CEDEC 2019, was held in Yokohama from September 4-6. The Computer Entertainment Developers Conference (CEDEC) is an annual technical conference for the computer entertainment […]

AR & VR Expo hosted by Facebook Developer Circles Kathmandu in Association with Paracosma Inc - 1

AR & VR Expo hosted by Facebook Developer Circles Kathmandu in Association with Paracosma Inc

The Facebook Developer Circles Kathmandu hosted an immersive Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) event in association with Paracosma Inc on 3rd August 2019 at Meconopsis, Pulchowk, where attendees were able to experience AR and VR first-hand. Founder and CEO of Paracosma Inc, Ken Ehrhart, delivered a keynote presentation on the limitless possibilities of technology, the AR & […]

Paracosma Retreat 2019

Paracosma Retreat 2019

Paracosma’s team has grown quite a bit since last year’s company offsite retreat at the River Side Resort. With the team of 50 in mid-2019, Paracosma has been doubling its employee number every year. Such fast growth challenges companies to maintain a sense of company culture and unity. This year’s offsite to Godavari Resort had the motive to bring […]

Augmented Reality Applications- The Next Big Thing - Paracosma

Augmented Reality Applications: The Next Big Thing

Augmented Reality is the technology that expands a view of the real environment with overlaid virtual images, thus changing the perception of reality for users. Unlike Virtual Reality, AR does not create a virtual environment to replace a real one, it augments the real one. Paracosma Inc recognizes the future scope of the AR ecosystem and […]

Paracosma Making Cost-Effective Enterprise AR:VR Solutions a Practical Reality

Paracosma Making Cost-Effective Enterprise AR/VR Solutions a Practical Reality

The growing use of Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions is starting to disrupt all manner of industries. These technologies present a promising future with endless possibilities across industries, from construction to healthcare, financial services to education. Despite gaining significant hype, these technologies are still in their infancy. Paracosma Inc emphasizes building cost-efficient AR/VR solutions that evolve […]