Paracosma Presentation during IVRHA’s “Your Guide to Virtual Reality Healthcare Applications, Products and Services”, August 3, 2020

Paracosma’s Virtual Reality Healthcare Applications, Products and Services

Paracosma Presentation during IVRHA’s “Your Guide to Virtual Reality Healthcare Applications, Products and Services”, August 3, 2020

“Your Guide to Virtual Reality Healthcare Applications, Products and Services” was the theme on August 3-6, 2020, when member companies of the International Virtual Reality for Healthcare Association (IVRHA) presented their businesses and services to potential partners and customers.  As a Founding Member of the IVRHA, Paracosma was represented by Ken Ehrhart, the company’s Founder and CEO.   Mr. Ehrhart joined a respected list of professionals in the AR/VR landscape from around the globe who were invited to share their experiences and latest innovations in the use of Virtual Reality (VR) for Healthcare . Over four days, the event focused on the different healthcare-related VR platforms, applications and services available today.

A live session with Mr. Ehrhart was held on 3rd August 2020 where he shared overview information about Paracosma’s services related to healthcare.  In the session, Mr. Ehrhart discussed Paracosma’s VR training application for laparoscopic surgery, as well as other enterprise and industrial training. He also talked about Paracosma’s 360-degree video content creation and distribution services, including 360 videos licensed by The Wend and the example of Paracosma’s white-label distribution platform implemented for Madison Mountaineering.  Another example of Paracosma’s VR application and game development services presented were the Brain health and fitness games developed by Paracosma for AARP’s Alcove VR App. Finally, he discussed Paracosma’s collaboration with Haptx for haptic gloves in support of Paracosma’s entry as a Qualified Team in the ANA Avatar XPRIZE Competition.

Mr. Ehrhart also talks about the current global pandemic and how it has caused massive disruption to global travel, trade shows, cultural events, and business operations. Many countries are imposing country-wide lockdowns with hundreds of millions of workers being forced to Work-from-Home. During the time of this pandemic, Mr. Ehrhart mentioned how Paracosma has been offering customized remote VR collaboration services for its clients. “Paracosma VR Collaboration” service offers a risk-free environment for businesspeople and consumers to meet “in person” in a virtual office, auditorium, meeting hall or event venue that is accessible to anyone in the world with an Internet-connected AltspaceVR compatible device.

The live session later continued with a Q&A session between Mr. Ehrhart, Bob Fine of the IVRHA, Chris Chin of HTC Vive and Jim Malcolm of Xiality in which they discuss the adoption and benefits of VR for Healthcare, combining digital assets with real life video recording, and the importance of haptic interfaces for VR and Paracosma plans moving forward.



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