VR and Healthcare Showcase 2019 | Paracosma

VR and Healthcare Showcase 2019 | Paracosma

Paracosma Inc exhibited at the VR and Healthcare Showcase held on 23 October 2019 in New York City. Sponsored by the International VR for Healthcare Association, the one-day VR event had a focus on healthcare practitioners and investors. The event was held at New York City’s RLab, the nation’s first city-funded center for research, entrepreneurship and education in virtual and augmented reality and related technologies. It brought together AR/VR healthcare companies from around the globe to demonstrate their products, technology and vision. At its exhibit, Paracosma demoed its laparoscopic surgery training simulation and Paracosma’s CEO, Ken Ehrhart, participated in a podcast discussion about Paracosma and the AR & VR industry.


Paracosma VR Surgery Application | VR and Healthcare Showcase 2019


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