Oculus Connect 6 Conference – AR Glasses, Significant Oculus Quest Upgrades, Facebook Horizon and More

Oculus Connect is Facebook’s annual developer conference in San Jose, California that explores the future of both Oculus and virtual and augmented reality in general. Paracosma team attended the conference including Ken Ehrhart (Paracosma’s CEO), Sujit Jha (Head of Paracosma Nepal) and Sheetal Maharjan (Lead VR Developer). They joined with AR/VR enthusiasts, tech lovers, developers, content creators, and marketers from across the globe to talk and learn about the future of this groundbreaking technology.

During the Oculus Connect keynote and other sessions, Facebook revealed some innovative upgrades made in VR and ultimately in AR, that would change the way users interact. Here are Facebook’s top announcements from Oculus Connect 6 conference:


Facebook is working on AR Glasses. While short of details and not providing a timeline, Facebook publicly confirmed rumors of their AR Glasses Project.

Oculus Quest taking VR to the next level. Multiple speakers confirmed the ongoing success of Quest as a platform that will lead the future of Oculus.

PC-Linking for Quest. Oculus is adding the ability to link a normally stand-alone Quest HMD to a Gaming PC to mimic the function, features and Gaming Library available for the Oculus Rift Headset, effectively providing a free Oculus S to Quest owners.

Quest hand racking announcement for early 2020 – Hand-tracking amplifies this formula and the entire VR experience for users will be contained within the Quest headset. In-built cameras will reflect the movements of hands and fingers in VR —you won’t even need to use controllers.

The Demise of Gear VR. Oculus announced the pending end of life for Gear VR and the ongoing porting of Gear Apps to the Go and Quest.

Announcement of Facebook Horizon – a Virtual World for Oculus Headsets. Facebook Horizon offers a new social experience in VR with the freedom to build their new virtual world and power to interact and explore with each other. Facebook Horizon will ultimately replace Facebook Spaces and Facebook Venues which will be discontinued.


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