Oculus Connect 6 Conference – AR Glasses, Significant Oculus Quest Upgrades, Facebook Horizon and More

Oculus Connect is Facebook’s annual developer conference in San Jose, California that explores the future of both Oculus and virtual and augmented reality in general. Paracosma team attended the conference including Ken Ehrhart (Paracosma’s CEO), Sujit Jha (Head of Paracosma Nepal) and Sheetal Maharjan (Lead VR Developer). They joined with AR/VR enthusiasts, tech lovers, developers, content creators, and […]

Paracosma Making Cost-Effective Enterprise AR:VR Solutions a Practical Reality

Paracosma Making Cost-Effective Enterprise AR/VR Solutions a Practical Reality

The growing use of Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions is starting to disrupt all manner of industries. These technologies present a promising future with endless possibilities across industries, from construction to healthcare, financial services to education. Despite gaining significant hype, these technologies are still in their infancy. Paracosma Inc emphasizes building cost-efficient AR/VR solutions that evolve […]