Paracosma Making Cost-Effective Enterprise AR:VR Solutions a Practical Reality

Paracosma Making Cost-Effective Enterprise AR/VR Solutions a Practical Reality

The growing use of Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions is starting to disrupt all manner of industries. These technologies present a promising future with endless possibilities across industries, from construction to healthcare, financial services to education. Despite gaining significant hype, these technologies are still in their infancy.

Paracosma Inc emphasizes building cost-efficient AR/VR solutions that evolve with the technology and offers industrial AR applications for machine maintenance, operations and training, as well as for manufacturing assembly and test applications.

Enterprise AR solution

AR Machine Maintenance is an industrial application that displays AR wayfinding arrows, part and location identification guides in AR and interactive task lists to walk users through required tasks and check off completion. The interactive AR features locate and display digital information precisely on real objects/machines to reduce errors and time spent on complex tasks. Additional enhanced features include machine vision confirmation of task completion, such as lock-off/tag off procedures for safety, as well as machine vision for calibration of virtual models with live camera views.

Collaborative VR solution

The City of Seat Pleasant’s Connected Government System (CGS) is an advanced smart city software platform that connects and manages all city services (Police Department, Fire Department, Public Works, Hospitals, & Transportation) while providing real-time updates from social media, CCTV, traffic, weather and other data sources. To show off the functionality of the CGS, Paracosma developed a Virtual Reality demo application for the Oculus Go. Set in a flooding street and in the city command center, users step through responses to a Flood Scenario and an Active Shooter Scenario using the CGS.


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