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The Use of 360-Degree Video for Business

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about 360-degree video? A large group of people will tie 360 videos with travel videos.

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Paracosma Selected as a Qualified Team in the ANA Avatar XPRIZE

Paracosma is pleased to announce that the ANA Avatar XPRIZE Judging Panel has selected Paracosma as a Qualified Team.

This marks a significant...

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UrsaLeo and Paracosma Collaborate to Create 3D Photorealistic Models for Industry 4.0

San Francisco, CA — December 4th, 2019 — UrsaLeo, a leading provider of advanced visualization solutions for Industry 4.0, and Paracosma, a...

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‘Unnamed VR’ Open-Ended Sandbox Virtual Reality Game – Now Available

Unnamed VR, the open-ended sandbox Virtual Reality (VR) game, has officially launched and is now available on Oculus, Viveport and Steam Stores for the...

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'Unnamed VR’ The Inside Story of the VR Sandbox Game

Since the year 2000, I have been a venture capitalist, investing in and helping grow startup technology companies.

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UnnamedVR Open Sandbox Game - Coming Soon!

Launching November 21, 2019, Unnamed VR is an open-ended sandbox game in which the only goal is to explore and have fun in virtual reality. The...

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VR and Healthcare Showcase 2019 | Paracosma

Paracosma Inc exhibited at the VR and Healthcare Showcase held on 23 October 2019 in New York City. Sponsored by the International VR for Healthcare...

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Paracosma at HR Technology Conference 2019

The HR Technology Conference is the HR and talent management industry’s leading trade show highlighting 400+ product vendors and service providers. The ...

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Oculus Connect 6 Conference – AR Glasses, Significant Oculus Quest Upgrades, Facebook Horizon and More

Oculus Connect is Facebook’s annual developer conference in San Jose, California that explores the future of both Oculus and virtual and augmented reality...

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Paracosma at Tokyo Game Conferences 2019

September was a great month for Game Developers and Gamers in Tokyo, with Paracosma Inc attending both the leading Game Developers Conference and the...

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